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Did you know that not only you as a owner are held responsible for maintnance fees and assesments but so are kids and heirs ?

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We have been getting families out of timeshare debt and contracts before their kids inherit them for years in Branson,Mo terminating contracts timeshares would take on trade or use for a points club . We finally cut out the  middle men so you can hire us directly we teamed up with V.R. Finacial which if your still making payments on your timeshare we can terminate the debt with out harming your credit. Banks will not loan on a timeshare because it has no value and is a purpetual debt. Sales reps make it sound like a great investment. Which is deceptive contact us to see if we can eliminate your timeshare mortgage.

  If you have a paid off timeshare and paying maintnance fees, contact us today to end this never ending debt!!

Have a unique case unpaid fees or even a lien on your property

Contact us we can consult you on your situation free of charge to see how we can help in unique case

We have done thousands of cases some unique some simular most owners want out because one reason fees over 10 years can add up to  a new car or even a home or the fact that if you dont pay your kids will because of purpituity clause in every   contract will burden your kids or your heirs  !

We offer 100% money gurantee


We give 100% assurance you will be out anyway  possible to complete the process or your money back !!

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About Us

Are you sick of making payments on a Timeshare you dont want but are paying just to keep good credit call us today we have a solution

all loans will be satisfied on credit the first process is urgent we notify the major 3 major credit companies with a seize  compsure  to assist and communication comply on a deceptive sale we even file with the federal trade our contract must be  completed and returned after payment to agree on  deceptive terms but first step on your end after payment and docs signed is to stop all payments to resort giving you extra room in your bank acvount for your needs ! 417-731-3111 

Get out now and save thousands in future maintnance fees and assesments!

We guarantee your timeshare wil be terminated Or your money back !

loved ones will be forced To pay when your gone

Timeshares can raise fees any amount  they want with out your input they already must meet a 4% minimum which acounts to 220% over 20 years  since laws have passed not in your favor ask us how this calculates And affects your family!

Have one of our team contact you to answer your questions today!.


Most clients start putting an average of $2800 back in there pockets and since most Maintnance fees are due right after christmas alot better new year after our services!

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